• Luxury Residential, Custom Yacht and Commercial Properties
  • Turnkey Services
  • Concept Development
  • Space Planning
  • Renovation and Remodeling
  • Construction, Purchasing, Supervision and Coordination of Design Projects
  • Establish Project Time Frames and Budget Guidelines
  • Bid Specification
  • Furniture Selection
  • Color and Material Selection, Finishes, Light Fixtures, Art Work, etc.
  • Procurement
  • Installation

As turnkey experts,

our full service approach and one-on-one attention to our clients is impeccable. We foster meaningful client relationships from project start to end date, whether the project is a luxury residence, yacht or a commercial interior. Clients move into new construction and/or renovated residences seamlessly; our advance prep work makes it so, by ensuring that all items, whether small or large, are in place prior to arrival. CG1 DESIGN appoints each room with whatever is required. Settling in is a flawless process for clients. Everything is in place in residences and yachts, from bedding to bath necessities, kitchen, dining-related goods and more. Commercial properties have the turnkey cachet as well, and are similarly appointed on a project-by-project basis.

Our Process Includes:

Establishing realistic project time frames and budget guidelines.

Evaluating bids, vendors and contractors to configure final budget requirements.