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inWeston Magazine - September 2016

Miami designer Carmen Alcaraz Gomes was asked to design this Plantation home in a shabby chic motif using muted colors. In the living room, the Oriental rug behind the sofa offers color and sophistication in the same way as the two rectangular pieces of art function to attract attention. Practical yet beautiful furniture comes from Restoration Hardware, Addison House and Artefacto.

Four Seasons Mansion In The Sky

SNG's incredible listing at the Four Seasons in Miami, Florida featured on Telemundo 51! Mansion in the Sky!

Miami is Booming

Daniel Ickowicz, one of the leaders of Elite International Realty, based in Miami, hosted guests at the Sheraton Hotel presenting a bit of the real estate market in Miami and Orlando, with legal support from Edgard Leite Advogados Associados and Banco do Brasil Americas, discussing the benefits of investing in this segment. Carmen Alcaraz Gomes, interior designer who lives in Miami, accompanied the group on events in Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre, where she also introduced her work.

Southern talent in Miami

The decorator, interior designer and architect Carmen Alcaraz Gomes, moved from Rio Grande do Sul to Miami more than 17 years ago. She says that she came in a tour, fell in love with the city and decided to stay there to study Interior Design at the Miami Institute.

Carmen works, most of the time, with Brazilian clients, introduced by brokerage companies in Miami. "After the introduction, I get together to know the clients better. If the chemistry is right, and they accept my price, I charge a fixed fee for a floor plan in autocad and a small selection of furniture, plus a fixed percentage of furnishings, to assist in their purchase and delivery. I also manage the construction part with contractors. As the clients are not present at the site, I have to get into their mind to make sure they will be happy when they see the finished project".

"Brazilians are taking over Miami and New York. It is wonderful to work with our people, my longing for Brazil has significantly reduced ... In general when a Brazilian buys in Miami, he acquires a holiday apartment. They do not decorate these apartments as they decorate their homes or properties in Brazil. They prefer spacious rooms with little furniture and light colors, decorated with style and personality," she says.

She adds that the American way of life is very practical, without much time for small details. "That's how Brazilians differ from Americans, both in terms of decoration and construction. Brazilians are the most demanding clients I know. They have very refined taste and most know and understand the important decoration product brands. Americans are easy and uncomplicated clients. When they see that you have good taste, they let you do what you think is best," she adds.

Carmen concludes, commenting on her relationship with customers: "We forge such great friendships, that our boat trips on weekends are full of clients and their families. A client's daughter, who was getting married, asked me to choose the wedding dress with her."

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Southern Brazilian Carmen Alcaraz Gomes, interior designer, comes to Brazil as a partner in a large real estate event in Orlando and Miami, where she has lived for 17 years. It will take place on August 28 and 29, at the Sheraton Hotel, where they will present projects in these cities. Real estate attorneys will also be in attendance, providing support to those interested in acquiring property abroad. The event has the backing of Leo and Daniel Ickowicz's Elite International Realty.



The Associacao Leopoldina Juvenil debutantes' group has a busy preparations schedule prior to the ball. The board, led by Angelo Saint Pastous Caleffi, promoted a dinner introducing the debutantes to the press. The event was catered by Claudio Solano, and it was followed by a youth party. On Thursday, the girls will learn posture tips from former model and fashion producer Madeleine Müller. On Saturday, they will attend a brunch at Dvoskin Kulkes Jewelry, with the participation of mothers and bridesmaids.

Correio do Povo,


Southern Brazilian Carmen Alcaraz Gomes, who has been living in Miami for 17 years, working as an interior designer, is in Porto Alegre to participate, today and tomorrow, in the Elite InternationalRealty event, promoting the best real estate options in Miami and Orlando.

Luxury and comfort can cost, in the US, a third of what is charged in Brazil,


New developments in the USA include in the properties prices decor items such as floors, cabinets, blinds and Apple automation services.

Unlike the Brazilian construction companies, the US companies saves clients' efforts and setbacks, developing properties that offer decorating services since the construction phase, providing floors, blinds, baseboards, paint and automation to decorating with furniture (such as cabinets, beds), bed, table and bath sets and accessories at more affordable prices than charged by high level properties in Brazil.

Analyzing real estate values in São Paulo and Miami, it is noted that properties with the same size and standard in similar tony neighborhoods in both cities have very different prices. Here's an example: a 500m² property in Vila Nova Conceição, upscale neighborhood of São Paulo, costs at least R$ 7.5 million, approximately US$ 3 million. The same property in Aventura, a trendy area in Florida, north of Miami Beach, can be found for about US$ 1.3 million, approximately R$ 3 million.

That is, without looking too far, it is clear that upscale residential real estate in the US is now sold for almost a third the price of similar property in Brazil, with more services, such as simple or full decoration, automation and hotel services.

Today, the simple decoration service includes blinds, floors, cabinets, baseboards and painting already included in the delivery of some real estate abroad. According to Brazilian Carmen Alcaraz Gomes, interior designer in Miami and partner of Elite International Realty, a real estate company located in the American resort city, "the added value per square meter with this type of decoration can reach US$ 250.00, however, there are many variables that can change the price more or less, depending on the amount of decorative items the owner wants in his home".

Today, around 30% of customers acquiring a new property request the simple decoration service. "It's a very interesting deal, it provides a solution to the client, preventing him from engaging in the construction and renovation process after the acquisition," notes Gomes.

Addison House and Missoni Home exclusive VIP lunch,


MIAMI Addison House and Missoni Home hosted an exclusive VIP lunch with some of South Florida’s top interior designers. Chris Phillips, Missoni Home VP of sales for the Americas, discussed new design trends and gave designers a first look at what’s coming in 2014 from the brand. Following Phillips’ presentation, attendees browsed through Addison House’s Missoni Home Shop-in-Shop, which features some of the brand’s most popular items for the home.