Welcome to the first CG1 Design blog of 2015. We’ll be covering a range of topics in the hopes of bringing insider insights around décor and design, as well as inspirations, musings and past, present and future projects.

Welcome to Spring


This favorite time of the year offers a delightful color palette of ideas.

Spring is in the air, and as the seasons change, the 2015 spring color story is upon us - full out! This season will be about warm tones, soft hues, and neutral mood-setting colors that are reflective of nature. Think coastal and more.

It’s interesting how Pantone’s anointed Color of the Year, Marsala, is already inspiring furniture designs, runway shows and makeup palettes. Thanks to Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute, the lush hue is joined by another shade I particularly love, a cool and calming ethereal Aquamarine, with a wet and watery feel. It also happens to be an idyllic and tranquil shade that works well in condos high in the sky.

In my role as an interior designer for residences around the globe, each new project and client presents a vast blank canvas. What I gravitate toward most in the color spectrum while in design mode are neutrals. Such colors allow me to draw out pops of tints from landscapes and coastal influences. Particularly the ones that are perfect for splashing a home with sea tones.

The CG1 Design portfolio showcases coastal-esque color spurts within the Green Diamond interior, where subtle understated brights, such as watery turquoise, take on the creamy hues that permeate the space by surprise. There are notable inspirational pieces in the Green Diamond home, including two stunning focal point turquoise wrapped leather ottomans. What’s noteworthy about this? My choice is akin to another hot new Pantone 2015 hue, and it’s called Scuba Blue. The color conveys a sense of carefree playfulness, which is exactly what I intended with that furniture choice.

It’s this kind of creative detailing that makes turning a raw blank canvas into a comfort-filled interior so much fun. At the moment, I’m debating how to integrate a delicious spring tone into my next interior project.

Until then.

Designing for your lifestyle,

Carmen Alcaraz Gomes

What’s Trending in 2015?


A Year of Graceful Style and Infinite Possibilities

Every New Year brings self-reflection. So let’s refresh and empower, home design enthusiasts! I’m kicking off 2015 with compelling and daring design ideas including smoky glass, large botanical prints, pops of unconventional stripes and pairing the versatility of strong, moody inky indigo with a copper-y patina and painterly rugs. And while these elements plus going bold with gold are trending, my steady aesthetic is equally statement making with a stylish sophistication that’s constantly inspired by global travel, jet-set clients and modern architectural influences.
Less is always more in my book.

Beautiful neutrals are the perfect expression of a fresh start for the New Year. Evidence of this sentiment is my building block for effortless elegance: linen. It’s the queen of textiles, especially when it dresses a sofa in deliciously muted tones. Layering a space with textured chenille and rich embossed leather is also intriguing. My recent design project at Trump Tower I exemplifies this aesthetic approach.
I’m also an advocate of organic, crisp profiles, woods barely washed with color, natural stone and warm metals. I tend to work from a checklist of go-to elements that allow my design to flow cohesively, based on visual contrasts, proportion, color and balance. Speaking of color, my next blog will share paint colors I adore and I’ll also give you my creative take on the new Pantone 2015 color of the year, Marsala.

Until then.

Designing for your lifestyle,

Carmen Alcaraz Gomes